What Is Freedom?

It’s living in a country where individual freedom and liberty reign supreme . . .and people are allowed to succeed or fail on their own merits – without government picking winners and losers in the name of socialism and vote buying. It’s a government that doesn’t pick our pockets taking the fruits of our labor to put in someone else’s pocket.  And a government that doesn’t sow the seeds of hatred towards those who are classed as “rich”.

It’s a government that doesn’t print money it doesn’t have, or uses the federal reserve (a non-governmental entity) to set monetary policy, but refuses to be audited and, therefore, not accountable to the people. A government that doesn’t bail out corrupt corporate bankers, leaving our grand kids to pick up the tab – while telling us it’s the responsible thing to do. A government that doesn’t spend more that it takes in, because doing so is a defacto tax hike.

It’s a government that follows our Constitutional principles so people are assured we are following the precepts of our Founding Fathers. One that doesn’t abuse our liberties in the name of protecting us by using its power to spy through NSA wiretaps, drones, and computer hacking. A government that respects free political thought and doesn’t use their agencies, like the IRS, to silence us. A government that doesn’t take away our freedom and liberty in the name of “safekeeping” through so-called “Patriot Acts” and then tells us it’s for our own good. Whether an enemy takes away my liberty, or my own government, it’s gone just the same.

It’s a government that protects the rights of its own people and secures its borders, rather than paying illegal aliens with the earnings of its legal citizens. The word here is …illegal.

Freedom is a government that respects the right of the people to bear arms, instead of telling us we aren’t responsible enough to have them.  A government that understands the Second Amendment was intended as the last line of defense against those very people who want to take them away.

It’s being able to make our own life choices, such as healthcare, without some meddlesome bureaucrat trying to micro-manage our lives – right down to the size of our toilets and our light bulbs.  A country that unshackles us from dubious restraints that keep us from being industrious, innovative, productive and prosperous. It’s a government that doesn’t use questionable environmental science to control property rights, and deny farmers and citizens from caring for their own property as they see fit.

Finally, it’s a federal government that remembers the highest ideal of America is, and has always been, individual liberty; a government that understands its only true purpose is to guard that liberty for every person.