Clint Didier grew up on an irrigated farm located in the Columbia Basin Project near Eltopia, Washington. He learned from watching his parents build a farm from sagebrush and sand that eking out a living on the land involved hard work and perseverance.

After college graduation, Clint was drafted in the l2th round by the Washington Redskins. This led to a seven-year career with the Redskins including participation in three Super Bowls, followed by two more years with the Green Bay Packers.

When Clint retired from the NFL in l990, he and his wife, and four children – daughter, Brandie, and sons, Travis, Justin, and Zachary – returned to farming in Eastern Washington, where they bought their first farm north of Pasco, near the original family farm.  In addition to the farming operation, Clint also owns and operates an excavation company.

Believing in the American dream that afforded him such a great opportunity, Clint committed eight years to coaching in the Connell High School football program. During those eight years, Connell won two state championships and two second-place finishes. He is a long-time member of the WA State Farm Bureau..

Today, Clint continues to work his land while keeping his hat in local politics. He has years of experience owning and operating successful businesses and is painfully aware of the issues that plague our country, especially as it relates to families and small businesses. Raising a family and running a small business have similar challenges; too much government interference.

He believes it would a great honor to serve the people of Washington’s 4th Congressional district.